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Basic functions

Your own domain (

Operation of the e-shop on your own domain. If you do not have your own domain, we can help you with the registration.

Disk space (hosting)

Sufficiently large data space of five gigabytes on a server designed for your e-shop data and saved emails.

Data transfer (monthly)

Unlimited data transfer. It means that your e-shop operation will not be restricted in any way.

E-mail addresses

5x e-mail address for your electronic mail. E-mail addresses can be created directly in the Administration.

Number of products in the e-shop

Unlimited. For more than 40,000 products, however, quick and trouble-free operation of some functions that operate bulk products (such as export, import) cannot be guaranteed.

Graphic templates, template editing

You can choose from dozens of design templates with the possibility of further editing. Adjust your design to your liking!

Live administration

The contents of your e-shop can be edited not only through responsive administration, on any device. But also directly on the public site.

Automatic data backup

Your data is safe. Automatic backup is performed in real time on separate servers.


Variations of goods

Offer your customers more products options. Useful for colour variations of products in your catalogue.


Inform the customers about the best-selling assortment of your e-shop!


Inform your customers about the latest news in your e-shop assortment!

Goods in sale actions

Inform your customers about the products sales. Offer of goods at bargain prices.!

Second-hand goods

The possibility of selling used goods. With automatic designation of such products for pricing search engine.

Related goods

Show your customers more products with the selected product in the form of a recommended offer of related goods!

Attached files (doc, pdf, csv)

Do you need to attach e.g. the user manual or warranty card preview to the goods? Simply attach the file for download!

Filtering of products

Possibility of advanced filtering of products in the e-shop and in the administration according to the selected criteria.

SEO product parameters

To enable the customer to quickly find your product on the Internet, you have the possibility of filling in the necessary information to each product for search engines that will assign your product to the search.

Attached photo and video

Attach a required number of photographs to each product, you can also attach e.g. a video tutorial!

Individual product availability

Define arbitrary availability parameter of the individual products.

Discussion forum for the goods

Your e-shop customers have the opportunity to discuss the offered goods.

Adjustable parameters

For example, height, width, length ... parameter display for various kinds of goods.

Bulk actions (deleting, moving, price changes, copies...)

Adjust the bulk properties of your assortment, you can quickly and easily perform multiple changes.


Record the inventory of your assortment. For individual products, you can enter the number that you currently have in stock and that the customer can order.

Stock history

Information concerning the movements in your warehouse. Stock listing in the e-shop can be detected, release from stock on the basis of purchase or order, and the time when these events occurred.

Foreign currencies, multi-currency trading

For each product, you can select and display simultaneously two different currencies.


Editing and administration of orders

Adjustable order statuses serve for better orientation in the management of orders. Each status can be arbitrarily named and distinguished by colours. Additionally, you can track the status history in each order.

SMS notification

The possibility of rapid information dispatching to your customers about the order status change not only via email, but also via SMS.

Order filtering

Defining Delivery and payment mode

Number of products in an e-shop

Unlimited. For more than 40,000 products, however, quick and trouble-free operation of some functions that operate bulk products (such as export, import) cannot be guaranteed.

Adjustable transport prices by price/weight

Possibility to set automatic conversion of the price of transport, according to the chosen amount, price, weight, etc.

Bulk editing

Possibility to handle and edit orders via bulk editing.

Generating and management of invoices (PDF or HTML)

Automatic creation of invoices with editing options, the possibility of converting to PDF or HTML format.