Eshops from Fast-webstore are now more open. more modern. more equipped. more powerful.

Just as time is changing, we change too. We have been here for 16 years for you. And we will celebrate this jubilee anniversary with the new version of Fast-webstore. Fast-webstore 2.0 gets a new design and, above all, other advanced features that no one else can offer you. We want to be the best e-shoping system for quickly creating advanced online stores. In the past year, we have worked on the quality and number of new features, and we have improved the performance / cost ratio of our solution. Judge yourself how we are doing and what we are preparing.


New template

Put on a new, modern, responsive template. It will be beautiful and we mainly prepare not only this one but there will be many more.

Responsive administration

New administration, with lots of functions, statistical indicators and graphs. Work from anywhere, from your computer, tablet, or mobile.


The ability to connect an e-shop anywhere and connect with anyone. The open REST API will help you implement features that you may be missing.

Linking e-shops

Are you running multiple e-shops? Then you will definitely welcome the possibility of their connection and fast switching between e-shops directly in administration. So comfortable!

Template Editor

We're also completing an advanced template editor that lets you easily and quickly change the unreadable template. Without graphics.

Access rights

You will be able to create and set up a number of different access rights to the eshop administration.


Immediately after Webareal version 2.0 will be completed, we will start working on version 3.0. In this next version, edits and enhancements will be more important than existing news. Above all, we focus on completely changing the shape of our templates, which will be fully editable and extensible.

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