Classic oils

Classic mineral and synthetic oils for historic cars, youngtimers, old cars...

Oils based on original formulation.

The oils for cars from 1900 until the present day.

Overview of classic oils with technical specifications.

It is not always easy to find the right lubricant for the right application, because very often the operating instructions are no longer available or antiquated technical information must be converted to today‘s standard.The question of the original condition of the vehicle should be also considered.

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List of motor oils by year.
1900 – 1950: Rektol Regular
1930 – 1960: Rektol SB
1960 – 1970: Rektol SC
1970 – 1980: Rektol SE
1975 – 1985: Rektol SF
1980 – 1990: Rektol SG / SG Sport / SG Supersport
from 1990: Rektol TS Sport