How to get up to two years of e-shop hire at Webareal for free ?

It's easy. Once you want to convert your built-up and filled-up e-shop on Webareal into full operation, just send an email to including an invoice from your current provider, which will feature the date until which you have paid for your shop. We will extend the operation of your e-shop with us by this remaining credit, up to twice the length of that period of time. In the event that you order the full operation of the e-shop for 1,2,3,4 or 5 years, we will extend the operation time by twice the amount of credit remaining with your old operator. If you order a full operation for less than one year, you get an extra period equal to the number of days remaining in the prepaid service with the old e-shop solutions provider. Maximum obtained free period is 2 years.

Example: Send us an invoice from the provider XYZ where there are still five months of paid traffic of your e-shop remaining. If you order the full operation for at least one year, we will add twice the time, i.e. further 10 months for free. In the event that you order a period of less than one year with Webareal, you get five months extra for free.

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