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DAMEDAI Mid Century Modern Round Leg top Wooden



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Product no.: aer878
EAN code: ea654566544566546465464

Complete specifications

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NiKayaaThis is a modern simple dining table set your family cannot miss! It adopts high-quality materials and metal frame, sturdy and stable to use. Classical 1 table and 4 chairs with large load capacity to greatly suit your needs. It can be widely used as a dining table to enjoy meals, or for other occasions: garden, picnic, party, play card games etc. 

Modern simple style, dark oak table top, quite fashion.
Powder-coated metal frame, sturdy & stable to use.
Foam padded seat, ergonomic design, comfortable for seating.
Max.120kg load capacity for table, 100kg for chair.
Can seat 4 person at a time, easy to install.
Multi-use as a dining table for eating or a garden table set for picnic, party etc.

In Addition:
1.Our table set is delivered unassembled, it's easy to install and you can enjoy happiness of DIY a table and chairs yourself.
2.Our seat infill adopts UK standard fireproof foam.
3.The MDF board we use has passed test accords with EN13986:2004 standard.

Color: Dark Oka + Beige + Black
Material: Metal Tube + MDF + Flax Fabric
Table Load Capacity: Max. 120kg / 264.55LB
Chair Load Capacity: Max. 100kg / 220.46LB
Table Size: 110 * 70 * 76cm / 43.31 * 27.56 * 29.92"(W * D * H)
Chair Size: 38 * 46 * 86cm / 14.96 * 18.11 * 33.86"(W * D * H)
Chair Seat Height: 44cm / 17.32"
Product Weight: 26.5kg / 58.42LB

Package Included:
1 * Table 
4 * Chairs
1 * Assembling Instruction


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